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Building the community through fundraising that delivers

If you're after serious fundraising results with an efficient fundraising campaign that has excitement and fun at its heart, your Not-For-Profit (NFP) Organisation will benefit from our experienced pro-bono creative services. We offer:

  • A minimum 70% return on investment with returns 3 - 10 times that of the purchase price
  • Compliance with Australian and international quality control and safety standards
  • Competitive pricing without compromising quality
  • Dedicated project management from conception to completion

Wompro International is one of Australia's leading and award-winning suppliers of promotional products and promotional advice to NFPs such as SIDS & Kids, RSPCA, Guide Dogs Australia and Inner Wheel Australia. Our long-term relationships with multi-national NFPs mean that we understand the goals, processes and deliverables required when it comes to successful fundraising campaigns.

Passionate about philanthropy and at the forefront of innovative fundraising initiatives, we offer more than 15 years' corporate experience, due diligence and buying power to help NFPs generate funding with minimal risk and effort. There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing NFPs like yours provide the services that our communities so desperately need.

We believe in active campaigns for dynamic return on investment. That is why, with us, you'll enjoy full-spectrum fundraising services that include promotional campaign advice, free promotional product artwork and samples, quality promotional products, point-of-sale (POS) campaign development (up to 500 POS boxes) and online surveys.

Moreover, your campaign will get the retailer support it deserves. Simply contact us today and let our retail business acumen, complemented by our expert promotional product development, design and logistics, work on your behalf to result in a fully integrated fundraising campaign that sells.

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