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Artwork Questions:

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Wompro International vs. Your Domestic Supplier

Q: I currently source products through domestic product suppliers for large projects. Why should I instead turn to Wompro International?

A: Simply because Wompro International can offer you much better service, and products of a better quality – all at a fraction of the cost. We offer virtually every kind of product, thanks to our long experience in virtually all product categories. We provide clients the chance to benefit from consolidated orders, while providing each client with a designated account executive for consistent and dedicated communication and project updates. At the same time, you’ll experience peace of mind as we follow international business ethics, quality control, safety and fair labour standards. The fact is, you can’t find a better business partner than Wompro International, no matter where you’re located.


Experience with Large Projects

Q: What is Wompro International’s experience with very large projects?

A: In a word: extensive. Here’s where Wompro International’s strengths in logistics and quality assurance really come into play for our clients. Our factory-direct approach provides enormous efficiency and pricing benefits for clients. So we regularly handle projects exceeding 500,000 and 1,000,000 pieces. In fact, most projects are over 25,000 pieces. Bottom line: size is not an issue with us. And it needn’t be with you.


A Different Kind of Supplier

Q: How is Wompro International different from all the other suppliers I’ve worked with?

A: In two key and critical areas: First, Wompro International offers all the high level of services you’d expect from an established, proven international supplier company. Second—and here’s the main difference and advantage—Wompro delivers all the dependability, responsiveness and accountability you’re accustomed to but offered at internationally competitive prices that only a China-based company can provide. The best of both worlds is yours at Wompro International.

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Competitive Pricing

Q: How does Wompro International ensure that I’ll receive the most efficient pricing?

A: One of the greatest advantages we offer our clients are the highly competitive—and almost always lower—prices than those offered by domestic suppliers. We’re able to deliver such competitive factory-direct pricing through our direct presence in China. And, remember, not only is our pricing better, but so is our quality, at every level.


Dealing with Tight Time frames

Q: What is Wompro International’s experience and ability to work within a very tight time frame?

A: As one client told us, “You’ve done the impossible.” For example, we’ve delivered projects from China to other countries in less than one week. But even in the more realistic realm of the possible, we’re fast. Depending on the quantity, you can expect the following timeframes for international delivery: existing items: 30 days via air and 60 days via ocean; custom projects (including tooling): 90 days via ocean. The point is, to us, time is one of the most important elements that have made Wompro’s clients happy they’ve placed their brand in our trust, time and again.


Keeping Me in the Know

Q: How does Wompro International communicate project details to me so I know what’s happening with my project?

A: We appreciate how important it is for our clients not only to feel in control but also to be in total control, every second of the project. To that end, we provide you with a Wompro International account executive, who is not just your designated contact but who also understands your requirements. The account executive works with you to set timelines, including a complete detailing of materials, decoration specifications, task dependencies, deadline dates, and ship dates. These milestones are developed at the start of each project and reviewed regularly with you via status updates. So you’re always kept informed, and never feel out of the loop.


Factory Inspections

Q: We require full project inspection and special factory auditing for human rights standards. How does Wompro International go about assuring that these standards are adhered to?

A: Just as important as the quality of manufacturing and strictly following timeframes is our adherence to international labour and human rights standards. To that end, as well as inspecting the progress of clients’ projects from our Hong Kong and other offices, Wompro International uses independent inspection services such as Asiawide & SGS. What’s more, third party inspection of factory labour and human rights standards can also be audited and full inspection reports furnished to your clients.

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Wompro International Guarantee

Q: What if we are less than satisfied with the end results of our project?

A: Though nobody works harder than Wompro International to deliver what we promise—which is how we’ve achieved our 99.5% record of client satisfaction—we know that something can go wrong. That’s why we stand behind the manufacturing capabilities of our factories by offering, upon inspection and agreement of claim, full replacement costs, credit or refund.


Minimum Orders

Q: Does Wompro International have any minimum orders?

A: The way we see it, a small client can become a larger one, so our minimum order is quite minimum: as a general rule of thumb, purchase orders need to be over only US$5,000.


Terms of Business

Q: What are Wompro International’s terms of business?

A: They’re quite standard, and fair. For your first three projects, a 50% deposit is required, with a balance due upon delivery. And we certainly look forward to agreeing on new terms as our relationship with you develops.


Price Quote Timing

Q: How quickly can Wompro International deliver pricing for my project?

A: From immediately to very quickly. Quotes are available from within 24 hours, while custom briefs are generally quoted within three days.

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Wompro International doesn’t require you to upload files and move them around on the screen. We want you to spend your time finding just the right product for your needs. We’ll handle the artwork for you — just send us the files by email or our via our FTP system. Our skilled designers will catch unforeseen problems, make recommendations, and review your artwork and send it back to you for approval.


What if I don’t have artwork?

If you don’t have artwork, it’s not a problem. Sketch out or send us a file describing what you’re looking for and we’ll help you out.

Remember, artwork should never get in the way of doing a promotion. If you can’t find art that meets our electronic submittal requirements, we can always assist. A print proof will be sent for you to review.


What if I want a specific colour match imprinted?

Many of our decoration methods allow for the opportunity to closely match the imprint colour to a specific requirement. Customers who require specific colour matching should provide us with PMS (Pantone Matching System ®) colour numbers where applicable. If your logo is to be embroidered, we will select a thread that most closely matches your PMS colour and you will have the opportunity to see this choice when you approve your “sew-out.”

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What graphic file type should I send you?

Acceptable Files in either Mac or PC Formats

Art files can be created in Adobe Illustrator CS5, or earlier versions of this program. Files from other programs may be acceptable if they can be saved as an EPS. All files must be saved as EPS or PDF and all text converted to outline. EPS and PDF format files provide superior reproduction quality allowing images to be resized with no loss of sharpness or detail.


Artwork with Text

We recommend that all text be converted to outlines when possible. If not, all fonts, font suitcases, printer fonts and screen fonts must be included with your art. Please note that the smallest text size that can be imprinted is typically around 6-8 pt. with some exceptions, for embroidery letter should be non-serif and at least 5 mm height. It is often necessary to modify or drop text entirely for small imprint areas.


Single Colour Artwork

We prefer Illustrator files, however we can use .jpg or .tiff files if their resolution is 600 dpi (dots per inch) or higher at the size of the imprint area. The logo should be in black on a white background. Web images are 72 dpi and are not acceptable. If your item is to be embroidered, we can use a web graphic.

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Multiple Colour Artwork

Send only original, native vector, EPS or PDF files where possible. Bitmaps & jpeg files created in Photoshop or similar programs can be used for some four-colour printing and embroidery applications that use photos and illustrations as a basis.

Recommended around 300 dpi or higher with artwork set to size.

These files will remain as bitmaps and cannot easily be edited. If your item is to be embroidered we can use a low quality graphic.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our art department and we’ll walk you through it. Remember, it might be a bit of a hassle now, but once we have it on file, you’ll never have to deal with it again.


Where do I send my art?

Please send your artwork directly to your sales representative. If you do not have a sales representative, please email to speak with an Account Manager.

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We print using PANTONE® Licensed Printing Inks. Please specify PANTONE® Colours when placing your order.

Note that if PANTONE® Colours are specified, in order to ensure colour accuracy, we only use current editions of the PANTONE publications. Please ensure you are also using the current editions by going to or calling 201-935-5500. Pantone, Inc. is not responsible for inaccuracies in colour reproduction. PANTONE Trademarks and Copyrights used with the permission of Pantone, Inc. PANTONE® and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc.

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