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Compressed T Shirts & Towels

Compressed T shirts and compressed towels

Compressed T shirts and compressed towels offer an exciting, cost-effective way to connect with clients and launch a new product or service. It's easy to add accompanying gift cards, magnets, coupons or stickers. As quality promotional products, compressed T shirts and compressed towels are:

  • Easily compressed into the shape of your choice to fit in creatively with your promotional campaign
  • Easy to ship and distribute thanks to compact size
  • Unisex

Unlimited shapes and sizes add endless imagination to your campaign

Existing compressed T shirt and compressed towels shapes that we've designed include circles, squares, rectangles, hearts, bottles, bricks, trees, sparkplugs, cars, phones, dumbbells, guitars, drums, bones, ice creams, surf boards, computers, bats and rugby balls.

Compressed T shirt and compressed towels colours available include white, black, yellow, red, orange, blue and green. Customised colours are available on request.

Both compressed T shirts and compressed towels are put under extreme pressure and it is assumed that customers will expect shirts and towels to be wrinkled and distorted upon initial removal from packaging. Usually one wash and dry will eliminate this. Compressed towels expand in size when placed in water.

Compressed T shirt prices include a 100% one-colour cotton short-sleeve T shirt with custom neck label (S-XL) with one location print, two full-colour insert cards and shrink wrapping. Size charts are available on request. Compressed towels prices include 300gsm terry towelling printed in two colours. The expanded size of compressed towels is 115cm x 55cm.

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