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Case Studies

Our Case Histories have made promotional product campaign history.

We’re not boasting, merely reporting the facts that prove why the world’s best brands entrust their name to Wompro International's team

Fact: Most of these campaigns have won one or more of the most prestigious awards in the industry. In the last decade, our team have won over 45 major awards, more than anyone.

Fact: A number of these campaigns have been cited in industry journals and publications, and referenced in marketing courses as examples of effective marketing.

Fact: Every case history here has met or exceeded the client’s measurement of success.

Fact: Based on the above, perhaps your search for the right promotional product company is over.

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  1. SIDS and Kids

    SIDS and Kids

    Client: SIDS and Kids Product: Red Nose Day 2011 Learn More
  2. 42 Below

    42 Below

    Product: 42 Below Lava Lamp Learn More
  3. Luna Park

    Luna Park

    Client: Luna Park

    Product: Luna Park Centenary 2012

    Learn More

  4. The Dilinger Escape Plan

    The Dilinger Escape Plan

    Client: Soundworks France

    Product: The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis Boxed Set

    Learn More

  5. Haymes


    Client: Hayme's Paint
    Product: Sandwich Maker – Trade Promotion Learn More
  6. Saint Gobain

    Saint Gobain

    Client: Saint Gobain

    Product: Norton and Carborundum Wall Thermometers

    Learn More
  7. RSPCA Happy Tails

    RSPCA Happy Tails

    Client: RSPCA

    Product: Happy Tails Day Campaign

    Learn More
  8. Novartis


    Client: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Learn More
  9. Cabots


    Client: Cabots Product: xxx Learn More
  10. Bombay Sapphire

    Bombay Sapphire

    Client: ISS Marketing Product: Bombay Sapphire GWP Learn More
  11. John Danks

    John Danks

    Client: John Danks Product: Home Hardware Learn More
  12. Crown Casino

    Crown Casino

    Client: Crown Casino

    Product: Club 23 Launch Party

    Learn More