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A Few Branding Laws to Keep You Out of Trouble

A few people have asked me to post some of my infamous Laws of Branding. So here they are.

Frankel's Prime Directive: Branding is not about getting your targets to choose you over your competition. Branding is about getting your prospects to see you as the only solution to their problem.

First Law of Branding: Brands are not about you. Brands are about them.

Second Law of Branding: If the branding is wrong, so is everything else.

Third Law of Branding: Advertising grabs their minds. Branding gets their hearts.

Fourth Law of Branding:
Build from your strengths.

Fifth Law of Branding: If you can't articulate it, neither can anyone else.

Sixth Law of Branding:
The success of a brand varies directly with the ability to accept the mantle of leadership.

Seventh Law of Branding: The stronger your brand, the less susceptible you are to pricing issues and competition.

First Law of Media Hype:
Just because you've heard about it doesn't mean it's well-branded. Branding and awareness are not the same thing.

First Law of Web Branding: The more you niche, the better you do.

Second Law of Web Branding: If you don't get them on the first page, you don't get them at all.

Inverse Theory of Branding: The smaller your budget is, the stronger your brand must be.

Ubiquitous Brand Test: Are we doing it the <COMPANY NAME> way?

The DIY Corollary: Doing it yourself works - for suicide.

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