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USB Drives

Create innovative long-lasting brand awareness with USB drives

Quality customised USB drives (also known as USB memory drives or memory sticks) are the ultimate combination between functionality and innovative promotional product design. Let your brand be associated with a quality promotional product that makes customers' lives more convenient. Your custom branded USB drives come in sizes of 1GB to 8GB and allow for instant data file portability. USB drives allow your customers to carry their document files with them wherever they go.

What's more is that your customers, as well as everyone with them while using their USB drives, will be reminded of your company/business time and time again when using the USB drive, keeping your business and company at the forefront of customers' minds.

We offer a wide range of promotional USB drives as promotional products, including metal USB drives, PVC USB drives, wooden USB drives, Starflex USB drives, USB bracelets, plastic USB drives, USB packaging and USB accessories. All our flash drives are manufactured using branded A Grade microchips.

With us, you get customised USB drive printing, colouring and packaging to suit your promotion perfectly. USB Packaging options include lanyards and key rings, while custom USB packaging is available to reflect the creative edge of your promotion or event.

How USB Drives Benefit Your Brand as quality promotional products:

  • USB drives as compact in size, easily fitting in a handbag or pocket, while carrying up to 8GB in data
  • USB drives are reusable mediums as opposed to printed material that has a short lifespan
  • USB drives are more cost-effective than print media, radio or TV
  • USB drives are easy to use with their 'plug and play' instant functionality
  • USB drives are compatible with most computers (both Apple Macs and PCs) that have a USB port
  • USB drives are durable mediums (no scratches like CDs or DVDs), ensuring optimal data security

Pricing is subject to USB Drive memory size (1GB - 8GB) - please contact us today for more information.

Click on any of the 3D USB drive promotional product options below for more information, specific pricing and ordering details.

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