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3D Lenticular

3D Lenticular Ideas add an innovative lenticular dimension to your promotional strategy.

Lenticular printing brings life to your promotional items with extraordinary holographic images that create the illusion of having three dimensions. Your brand isn't static, so why should your promotional material be? Welcome to the three-dimensional world of branding.

Various 3D lenticular visual effects can be created with 3D lenticular printing:

  • Flip: one image changes suddenly into another
  • Three dimensional: the image appears to comprise three layers; foreground, middle ground and background to create a sense of depth
  • Morphing: one image magically transforms itself into another
  • Animation: the image moves as if animated

These effects can be incorporated into a huge range of products, including 3D lenticular shelf talkers, 3D lenticular promotional postcards and 3D lenticular promotional posters. Click on any of the 3D lenticular products below for specific pricing and ordering details.

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